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VIRAL! Here are 3 Applications to Change Your WA Notification Sounds to Make It Funny and Unique, Download Now!

 Are you bored with the call ringtones that are still the same as everyone else's? Did you know that there are several applications available that can make a ringtone as a caller's name? This ringtone changer application can say the caller's name, and this application has been widely used.

If you use a ringtone changer application, say the caller's name, this will also make it easier for you to find out who the caller is. Don't worry, this application is very easy to apply and also doesn't require a subscription fee.

1. Caller Name Announcer App

This application only appeared at the end of 2020, but has been able to attract more than 5 million users. The internal memory needed for this application is only 3.92 MB. The device specifications to be able to use this application are very light, only Android version 6.0 is needed.

This application can also be used for SMS and WA ringtones. Later, the caller's name will be called when there is an incoming call. So, you can find out without looking at the call screen.

Reviews about this application are also quite good, where there are 5 million people who have downloaded the application, very satisfied right? with the quality of services provided by this application. In fact, for just low battery notifications, there is also a special ringing tone, "Your battery level is low".

You can also set when the ringtone will sound. For example, when setting a cell phone ring in vibrate mode, silent or even a number that is not saved in the phone's contacts.


2. The Speak United Nations agency is looking

This application has been released for a long time, namely since mid-2016. Until now, Iranian users of this application have reached 1 million users. The memory size required for this application is only 5.92 mb. Meanwhile, while the operating system used is very low at 4.0, you can already use this application.

When you download and activate this application for this ringtone, every time a call comes in or SMS or WA, it will give a special ringtone. The sound of the ringtone will be adjusted to the name of the caller or SMS sender.

Meanwhile, for phone numbers that may not have been saved in phone contacts, this application will only mention "unknown numbers". Actually, this application does not only support phone or SMS notifications. Notifications such as emails, news, etc. will also be delivered specifically.


3. Caller Name Announcer - SMS

This application is still quite young, namely the initial release on January 19, 2021. The number of users of this application has reached one hundred thousand people. The size of this application is quite large when compared to similar applications, which reaches 5.06MB.

For cellphones that can use this application it is also relatively easy, only OS 4.1 is needed to activate this application. However, this application is only able to read notifications of caller names or SMS senders. however, you can set when you want this ringtone to be used.

This application also provides settings for the amount of ringtone volume rule, which can be adjusted according to individual needs. So, you Kwa feel quite helpful to find out who the caller and SMS sender are quickly without looking at the screen.


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